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Thread: Black Phantom, image heavy, workhorse

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    Black Phantom, image heavy, workhorse

    I'm going to move this into a gearbag sale once I get the last parts for my other phantom.

    Today I have a WORKHORSE phantom for sale here are the specs:

    Marker: CCI Phantom
    Color: black
    Upgrades: trifluted hammer, asp ported tpc with oring (oring not installed)
    Known problems: cosmetic wear, no saftey, no m16 bottom plate, anno from red spring is scratched, feedblock is cracked but is repaired with super glue, the feedgate is bit beat up
    Asking price: $155
    Trades: empire sniper (I add), money, pag field paint, any electros (MUST be HIGHLY in MY FAVOR!)
    What is included: stock 11" barrel, phantom (stock class 10rd tube, 12g bucket changer), and case

    Also hunter and some mobscene members can tell you I used to use tape to attach the ten rd tube and the block together and ever since I fixed it I don't need to that anymore, it will be field tested before selling


    I have a micro shot for sale as well in phantom threads, 12" at 0.684 bore not shown for $30

    Also another phantom in more pristine condition to come, center fed body, t stock and more to come when I get the last pieces for the last phantom here is a preview

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    Bump, better pics hopefully next week

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    Bump, don't be afraid to offer reasonable cash offers!

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    Yo Henry you got any good feednecks fr phantom?

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    Sorry bud, but that was one thing I was considering getting until I decided to quit building up the phantom. Too bad the cci one with a ccm feed neck is like $50+ a pop

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    Just realized its a 12hr wait until I can bump, so up this thread goes. The price is obo ( within reason)

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    Just got the bike grip in, so after I get my new phone case I will post a new thread. I'm the mean time bump

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    Bump, my case won't be in for a bit so the gearbag sale will be delayed.

    Will probably be rocking this marker Sunday so come and check it out

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    You guys that want to get into pump, this is a great pickup for a newbie! Especially with the pump club starting up again real soon!

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    Get this!

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    Did I say that this marker works great off hpa?

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    C'mon I need some cash for a ccm

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    Need that cash so no reasonable offer refused

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    Bump, will consider putting stock TPC and hammer AT THE right price (it's going to be lower than the listed price)


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